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Dan Willis


Originally from a small country town outside of Wagga Wagga, Dan comes from a grain and livestock farm. He has now been in Wollongong since 2018 where he completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science at Wollongong University and then completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University.

Dan has always loved sport since he was a kid with his personal favorite being AFL. He grew a passion for physiotherapy at a young age due to going through 3 ACL reconstructions all before he was 17. You won’t find him playing AFL now but Dan has a passion for being outdoors and staying active.

Highlight of working at PH Physiohealth:
We have amazing staff that make you feel welcomed right when you first meet them. I’m also very grateful to PH for giving me the opportunity to help people and make a difference.

What do you love about your career?
The fact I’m surrounded by motivated people who all want to help others.

What gets you out of bed?
To warm up my coffee machine.

What’s your process of turning a bad day into a good one?
Spending some quality time with my partner or going to the beach on a beautiful sunny day.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I love four-wheel driving and touring/camping around Australia in my Patrol/Maverick.

What’s your Karaoke song?
Sweet Disposition.

What makes you laugh the most?
Memes that make barely any sense or yarn sessions with my family.

Guilty pleasure?
Absolute sucker for chocolate. Got a bit of a sweet tooth.

Woolies, Coles or Aldi and why?
Aldi for essentials. Then Coles for treats.

Toilet paper hung over or under?
Absolutely over. You’re crazy if it’s under.

What do you love about Wollongong?
Swimming and being in the water at many of the amazing different beaches around Gong.

Favorite local café and coffee order?
Yachties in Wollongong and flat white with 1 sugar can’t go past that harbor view. Bonus if you have one of their donuts.

P.S. Coriander? Yes or hard no?
Honestly, I barely know what it’s in.