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Prehab: Strength Before Surgery

It has been proven through medical research, that by improving one’s strength and function through increased physical activity, before any Orthopaedic surgery, the patient will find recovery easier and will rebound more rapidly, in the rehab process (Orthop Nurs. 2002 Sep-Oct;21(5):43-51).

Prehabilitation is the process of improving someone’s functional capacity to enable him or her to withstand the stress of inactivity associated with an Orthopaedic procedure.

After working for many years assisting post operative patients immediately after their surgery, our Physiotherapists can see directly the need for certain strength and mobility prior to their operation. It is very difficult to pull your body up from the lying position with one arm or move your body across the bed with one leg. Your entire body needs to be strong and mobile to move in the bed, stand and mobilise the days following surgery.

PhysioHealth & Sports Injury Clinic offer a Prehabilitation program incorporating the components of gentle and specific exercises such as:

  • A full medical screening for appropriateness to exercise
  • Cardiovascular component
  • Strength training for arms, legs.and trunk
  • Flexibility training, and
  • Practising functional tasks specific for recovery post op

The healthier you are going into surgery, the quicker and easier your recovery will be. Our Prehab program is commenced 6 weeks prior to your surgery. We cater for all fitness levels, individually aiming to have improved your function before your operation. PhysioHealth offers easy close by parking with disabled access.

Go Home Quicker- do more for yourself physically before surgery, the better off you will be!

No referral from your surgeon is needed, however you can discuss the program with your surgeon if needed. Make a booking with PhysioHealth & Sports Injury clinic today and get started!

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