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Better Breathing

Are you Breathless, have COPD or Asthma?

PhysioHealth Corrimal is excited to now be providing individualised pulmonary rehabilitation programs including respiratory muscle training and airway clearance through Better Breathing.

Better Breathing is an evidence-based, drug-free respiratory training and airway clearance program designed to improve your shortness of breath, breathing, exercise capacity and quality of life.

After just 4 weeks of training, you can expect to improve

  • Reduce dyspnoea by up to 36%
  • Reduced ‘reliever’ medication by up to 79%
  • Improve inspiratory muscle strength by 43%
  • Increase exercise capacity by up to 28%
  • Improve quality of life by up to 21%

What’s involved:

  • Extensive baseline testing of your current respiratory muscle function
  • Breathing technique training
  • Airway clearance training
  • Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) to maximise your breathing potential
  • Individualised home based breathing training programs

If you would like to know more about the Better Breathing program and how to improve your Breathlessness, Asthma or COPD, contact PhysioHealth Corrimal (link to contact section).

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