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Love Muscle

Did you guys know the human body has around 640 – 850 muscles? Some research shows variations in the number of muscles, but who really cares, there’s heaps of muscles to help us get around.

Your muscles keep your blood flowing. Muscles turn energy into motion. Without...

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Fascial Release and Gua Sha – the therapeutic hickey!

Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that integrates and holds together our whole body system – it allows muscles to glide over one another and transfers load from one part of the body to another. This is a normal function, but with dysfunctional movement patterns or injury the fascial st...

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Muscle Contusions a.k.a. The “Corked Thigh”

If you’ve ever had someone’s shoulder or knee hit you hard in the thigh or the arm, you probably know all about how painful and limiting a Muscle Contusion or “Cork” can be!

It’s a pretty common injury for contact sports, as well as sports like hockey, cri...

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Running Tips for the Mt Keira Challenge

Are you looking for your next challenge? Why not try the Mt Keira Challenge? Cycle or run, the choice is yours!

PhysioHealth Corrimal is a proud partner of the Mt Keira Challenge, raising funds for FearLess Outreach. FearLess Outreach is a charity that works with people living with pos...

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Tennis Elbow

Now before you pass over this article thinking that your only interaction with tennis is watching the Australian Open from your lounge chair and you need not bother, stop and have a read, it can happen to anyone.

Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis if you don’t mind the mouthful) ...

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