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Do you think Pilates is NOT for you?

We may get about each day either with muscle tension, or little niggles, or even bigger niggles – often we keep going and accept the condition. Part of the problem is that we don’t always move in the most efficient way possible. This can cause soreness, tightness and postural imbalances that will deteriorate if left untreated.

Many of us go off to work each day where we are sitting at a desk, at a counter, or behind a steering wheel – then we drive home to sit on the couch for the evening, to “relax”? This continually sends the wrong movement signals to the brain.

EVERY person can benefit from Pilates – men, women, athletes, couch potatoes. People of all body shapes and weights. People of all levels of fitness and coordination. It truly does offer something for everyone.

With our Clinical Pilates we go back to basics and change the input to the brain so we get the right muscles doing the right jobs. Then by repeating these good movement patterns each week and at home, the brain will receive the correct input and natural, normal movement will be restored to the body.

The Great Escape! There’s no time to think about your troubles when, we need to focus on the position of our feet, legs, neck, arms, shoulders, then consciously engage your abdominals and hold that contraction… whilst breathing! Sounds hectic, but it’s not when the right person, such as a Physiotherapist, is safely guiding you through each movement.

Clinical Pilates will:

  1. Re-train your body how to move in the most efficient way possible
  2. Improve your posture and alleviate pain
  3. Have you looking and feeling better than ever!

If you are curious, keen or excited to know more about Pilates, read more on our Pilates page then give us a call on 4207 9999 or pop in to PhysioHealth for a FREE Pilates Trial!

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