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Running Tips for the Mt Keira Challenge

Are you looking for your next challenge? Why not try the Mt Keira Challenge? Cycle or run, the choice is yours!

PhysioHealth Corrimal is a proud partner of the Mt Keira Challenge, raising funds for FearLess Outreach. FearLess Outreach is a charity that works with people living with post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

Today we’d like to share a few tips on running training to help get you up to speed for the challenge or any running pursuits of your own.

For beginners

It’s best to start your training using a combination of running and walking for a number of weeks with gradual increases in the amount of time spent running.

Beginners should start with no greater than 20 minutes training per day and increases should be capped at 5 minute increments fortnightly.

Most beginners respond best to training every second day which allows for an appropriate rest periods so that aerobic and musculoskeletal fitness can gradually improve.

For more experienced runners

Injury prevention can be helped by limiting training kilometres to less than 65km per week and limiting runs greater than 20km to no more than fortnightly (with the exception of elite athletes).

More experienced runners should limit their running to 4 or 5 days per week with rest days in between which can be used for cross training or complete rest.

Running technique

There are emerging studies suggesting that reducing your impact loading may reduce running related injuries. What that all means is we don’t want you pounding the pavement too hard with each step.

Some ways to reduce the impact of each step are to increase your cadence (step rate) of your running and landing with a midfoot strike (middle of your foot rather than your heel). This should help you land more lightly.

Warm up

For each run and on the challenge day itself a dynamic warm up consisting of simple plyometric exercises and a light jog is recommended. However, stretching before runs doesn’t appear to help reduce injury.

Runners may benefit from improving their overall strength and flexibility through techniques such as clinical Pilates.

Personal advice

If you’d like some more specific advice on your own training program or if you have any injuries holding you back from achieving your best, pay us a visit at PhysioHealth Corrimal and we’ll speed you on your way.

Keep your eyes peeled for some updates on cycling and race day preparation in the coming weeks.

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