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The Right Pilates AGE..

“I’m too old to do Pilates”. NO WAY! No one’s too old for anything (except for Kylie’s unsuccessful attempt at street skating).

As we get older we need to keep mobile, active, healthy and happy. What exercise hits all these nails on the head….? Pilates! Pilates is a great form of exercise to help anyone improve their balance and reduce their risk of falls and anyone can do it, at any age!!

Research has looked at 10 and 12 week Pilates programs for over 65 year old women, improving their reaction time, balance, flexibility and muscular strength. The study was hoping to see whether improving this parameters would help with falls prevention. And you guessed it, the women that participated in the program improved in all areas. That’s awesome, because they also would have lowered their falls risk!

Other studies have also found Pilates for 10-12 weeks improved the hamstring flexibility, the upper body strength and abdominal endurance of middle aged men and women. Pilates with a Physiotherapist takes into account all body types, and past fitness experience from beginner to advanced. So whether you are 20 years old and want to do Pilates to become fitter, 30 years old and you want to improve your back pain or 60 years old and want to keep yourself moving and active, Pilates could be the ticket for you to get going again.

At PhysioHealth we use Pilates for everyone ranging from pre and post natal women, through to treating lower back pain and hip conditions. It’s also a fantastic way to start stabilising the deep neck muscles if recovering from a neck injury. And blokes don’t be scared of Pilates as we have plenty of guys in our classes making the change to become stronger, and more mobile.

If you’re interested to know more about the types of Pilates we offer, click to read more.

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