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To Pointe or not to Pointe…?

That is the dancer’s question.

Working en pointe is a challenging art. Not only does it take significant foot and ankle strength and control but the whole body needs to be finely tuned to balance on a small block of wood.

Starting to work en pointe work can be an exciting time for any ballet dancer and the common question of “When can I start?” should be replaced “When is it safe to start?”

Working safely en pointe depends on a number of factors which means that there is no set time or even formula for when a young dancer should start working en pointe.

Factors that do play a significant role in deciding when a dancer is ready are:

  • Dancer’s basic ballet technique
  • Turnout and core control
  • Strength and mobility of the feet and ankles
  • Maturity and bony development
  • Commitment to ballet

A personalised assessment by your dance teacher or a Physiotherapist who specialises in working with dancers, will help to assess when you are ready to progress to working en pointe safely. Working safely en pointe will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to enjoy years of dancing. PhysioHealth in Corrimal performs these Dance Assessments, so give us a call to find out more or book in to start progressing!

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