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Let’s talk about walking everyone!

Old fashioned walking.. We thought we’d give you some interesting facts you might not know about the benefits of having a bit of a stroll once a day.

Did you know walking boosts endorphins (our happy hormones)? Yep that’s right! But what does that mean…?  It means when these little guys are released we feel less stressed, less anger, less fatigued and less confused, in just 10 mins!!

The best part is you don’t have to be huffing and puffing, you can just take a walk with the dog and kids That’s fine.  Any type of walking is great and worthwhile.

  • Walking will help build your fitness gradually- which really helps with improving your immune system.  With wintery colds on the loose at the moment, walking can limit sickness, reducing the odds of catching a cold
  • Walking is also a top weight bearing exercise, which builds bone mass, reducing risk of osteoporosis
  • Walking engages Ab muscles….Who doesn’t want AB’s!?  Drawing your belly button gently into your spine engages the supportive core muscles that reinforce good posture and might even help prevent back pain
  • Walking can make you taller (momentarily).  Think of elongating your spine to avoid sinking into a rounded, slumping posture. (a bit like a puppet on a string pulling you up.)  Maintaining a tall spine also requires more muscular activation to support it, helping you burn more calories with every step. Oh yeah, now you’re talking!

And you can mix it up a bit. Try some walking:

  • On your heels
  • On balls of your feet
  • Sideways
  • Even Backwards!

These movements build coordination, so take it easy and try not to bump into anything or fall off the gutter.

Walking 30mins a day, 5 times a week can make you healthier and happier, that’s for sure!

PhysioHealth have a perfect gym set up ready for you to walk straight in and walk your way to a better health. You are in safe hands with our Physio’s on board, you can pick the music, the time you want to visit. There’s a kids nook, right where you can see if you have little one that wants to come along.! It’s got a TV, Xbox, toys and more. And most importantly you won’t feel over crowded or intimidated like some gym’s make us feel.

If you feel you are interested or curious, give us a call or drop in.

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