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How Good are Summer Holidays

How good are Summer Holidays?! – Well, not really…..

I have just spent 3 weeks on a summer break with my family at the beach- so awesome! WOO!

On holidays there’s more time in the day to think about all the things I want to do this year.  In fact, I bet most people on their break think about how things are going to be different when they get back to work and routine.  I’m going to get a bit fitter, I’m going to have more “me” time, I’m going to spend more time with my family, I’m also going to improve these aches and pains I get.

This is the other thing I realised on holidays is how tough summertime activities can be!  Our backs and body get a flogging- dodging waves at the surf, pulling kids on boogie boards, walking up the beach on soft sand, family cricket and bush walking. OMG!  The days can be spent just holding yourself together!  Sometimes it’s a real wake-up call that we have been a bit slack through the year and are getting soft in the centre – meaning poor core stability.

Summer fun can be rough on the back, especially with the relaxing slouching all afternoon in those $7 camp chairs!  This is the time to assess what condition that spine of yours is in, and what you should do about it this year!

Pilates with a Physio is a nice, gentle and specific way to go to get those little guy ropes around your spine holding you upright for longer.  It’s resistance training that focuses on strengthening muscles to improve pain and posture.  Spring loaded machines, body weight, resistance bands, and balls are used to challenge the muscles.

If your spine is screaming out to you this summer- try not to get crazy with a fully loaded fitness boot camp, whilst your motivation is strong, this can flare up any problems you may have.  Starting with building the foundations of a strong spine to then work up to these intense fitness sessions, is a smarter way to go.

Make that change you have been thinking about these holidays and give your spine some help!

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