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What ROCKS about Clinical Pilates?

PhysioHealth in Corrimal is so pumped about Pilates classes, so let’s get you all in a frenzy about them too!

Firstly, I suppose I should tell you the benefits of Clinical Pilates and what it is.  It’s not meant to be “Pies and Lattes”, but it can be, as we make it suit you. No worries.

The benefits of regularly performing Clinical Pilates are:

  • Improving flexibility and reducing postural problems
  • Greater strength and muscle tone
  • Improved breathing and circulation
  • Reduced pain and stress levels
  • Energising, weight loss, solid core muscles

This is true.  But that makes it sound a little boring, right?  How about this…

You get to spend an hour each week with a few other wonderful people (old friends or new) doing gentle, but specific core stabilising exercises that suit your level of ability.  These exercises are dynamic and functional, correcting muscle imbalances and posture.

Check out our studio! It’s filled with bright coloured Pilates Reformers, Trapeze Table and Wunda chair.  Plus, heaps of other bits and bobs to make each session challenging and interesting.  Oh, and there’s cool music too.  The classes are run by a Physiotherapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist, hence why it is called “Clinical Pilates”.

A private Real Time Ultrasound assessment is performed with each new client to properly learn how to turn those tricky deep abdominal muscles on.  It’s professional, effective and FUN!

Your age and ability doesn’t matter as we cater for everyone. For more info take a look at our Pilates page.

If you have a few questions, just give us a call, email or pop in and see us.  We are more than happy to answer those for you.

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