Whether you have specific needs for pre or postnatal care, or the unique challenges faced with ageing, PhysioHealth provides simple and effective solutions for women during all stages of their lives.

Our qualified female Physiotherapists provide professional treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment. Women’s Health Physiotherapy focuses on the treatment of pelvic floor related disorders, such as incontinence and prolapse, by restoring muscle function to the pelvic floor.

Continence Physiotherapy

With a large percentage of women living with bladder control problems, continence physiotherapy is an ideal way for women to regain control of their pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training can be effective for:

  • Bladder / bowel control;
  • Stress and urge incontinence;
  • Mixed incontinence;
  • Prolapse;
  • Overactive bladder symptoms;
  • Defecation difficulties.

Your Physiotherapist will give you close instruction to master your pelvic floor muscle activation technique and assistance to steadily advance your progress until your symptoms reduce.

Common causes of pelvic floor muscle weakness are:

  • Childbirth – particularly following delivery of a large baby or prolonged pushing during delivery;
  • Being overweight;
  • Constipation (excessive straining to empty your bowel);
  • Persistent heavy lifting;
  • Excessive coughing – causing repetitive straining;
  • Changes in hormonal levels at menopause;
  • Growing older.

PhysioHealth Prenatal Services

Whether you’re having your first, second or third child, it’s likely you will have your own unique health concerns to deal with. Pregnancy can be a wonderful time and it can also be an uncomfortable one.

Many expectant mothers suffer from:

  • Back,
  • Neck or
  • Pelvic pain,
  • Tingling hands and
  • Continence problems.

PhysioHealth can offer:

  • A range of effective ways to maintain your fitness during pregnancy;
  • Treatment for and/or advice on avoiding back pain;
  • Friendly, confidential advice and treatment for your pregnancy-related health concerns;
  • Guided exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor to combat incontinence or sexual discomfort;
  • Unique and intimate Pilates classes for expectant mothers.


Postnatal Physiotherapy Services

PhysioHealth therapists will help you recover from your pregnancy and labour, guiding you towards appropriate exercise choices to get you back in shape.

You can enjoy both one-on-one sessions with your Physio or attend our Mums 2 Be or Mums N Bubs Pilates classes, offering a safe and fun exercise experience that you can share with your baby. Your toddlers are also welcome to come along and play in our Kids Nook area.

Our therapists can provide specific advice for returning to sport, with special attention to:

  • Pelvic floor function and
  • Prevention of prolapse or
  • Incontinence symptoms that can arise when exercise is recommenced too soon or incorrectly.

Your Physio will complete an extensive and confidential assessment. This may involve an internal examination or alternatively, a Real-Time Ultrasound can be utilised to image the pelvic floor and give biofeedback for correct muscle activation.

All class participants will book in with our Physiotherapist for a Pre Pilates Assessment, prior to beginning their classes

Find out more about our Women’s Health services by calling 02 4207 9999 today.