The Fit3D scanner is PhysioHealth’s newest addition of specialist equipment to the clinic! The scanner gives us a new dimension of measurement tracking and analysis of posture and physical/aesthetic change.

This new technology uses an infrared beam and camera to complete a three-dimensional scan of your entire body. The scan completes hundreds circumferential and

What is the Fit3D for?

Track your journey of FAT LOSS


Making you ACCOUNTABLE for your health goals

Visualisation of body changes throughout PREGNANCY


The Fit3D gives you an accurate and objective method of capturing the current state of your body in the form of a virtual avatar. This way you can visualise and monitor your progress, allowing you to see the results of your hard work!

Your 3D virtual avatar can be useful for:

  • Tracking visual changes in body composition and physique
  • Demonstrating improvements in postural alignment throughout a Clinical Pilates term
  • Visualisation of improvements in muscular tone, volume and circumference
  • Showing the transformation of your body before and after an exercise program

The Fit3D scanner will give you the most consistent and precise basis for you to make physical and postural changes. Start measuring and tracking your progress accurately and make yourself ACCOUNTABLE!